New Westerre Conference Center Safety Guidelines


To Our Valued Customers,

We have missed you these past few months and are excited to announce we are reopening in a new capacity! Due to new safety guidelines from the governor, Westerre Conference Center will be implementing new safety guidelines:

  • Pre-COVID room occupancy limits are in effect.
  • Only one meeting at a time on a given day.
  • No catering/group food allowed.
  • No common area drink service is allowed, nor will we provide this service. We will allow drinks and boxed lunches.
  • The doors to the hallways will stay open.
  • When coming into and out of the room, the hand sanitizer should be utilized by all.
  • Garbage can lids will be taken off and open.
  • Surfaces will be wiped down (tables, arms on chairs, AV equipment, markers if used, doorknobs, light switches bathroom stall doors, faucets, etc.).
  • Chair upholstery will be sprayed with Lysol.
  • Garbage will be removed immediately after the event is over, through the outside door to the conference room.
  • Unvaccinated guests are encouraged to wear face masks when insides the building.